Palliative Care sensitization and awareness Workshop in Burundi

Palliative Care sensitization and awareness Workshop in Burundi

The first Palliative Care Sensitization and awareness workshop in Burundi was successfully conducted in Bujumbura on March 28th, 2014 under the theme “Les soins palliatifs au Burundi: Etats des Lieux et Perspectives d’Avenir”. The project was funded by The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) through the Open Society Initiative for East Africa (OSIEA) support. Burundi is the country of operation where the activity was implemented.

Aim of the Project: The project aim was to mobilize local support towards the development of palliative care in Burundi through a one day advocacy workshop for 25 local stakeholders.

Grant date: Fund was received through Bank transfer on March 22nd, 2014 and fund was meant to support a one day workshop

The workshop was conducted under the patronage and close collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Control (MoH) and partner local organizations to mobilize the local support for the Palliative Care development in Burundi. The YOWLI BURUNDI Association was the main local partner organization which implemented this activity together with the Local Committee (LoC) on Palliative care.

30 delegates from different organizations/Institutions and aspiring individuals joined the workshop and we were thrilled by their contribution during the workshop. Participants came from a wide range of backgrounds and organizations/institutions as follow:

  1. Top Decision makers, the MoH: A Delegate from the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Control (Director of the national program on Chronic and Non Communicable Diseases, Dr. Godefroid KAMWENUBUSA). In the same line, we were keen to welcome one provincial Medical officer and a delegate from the health District level.
  2. Health Facilities: Delegates from major public health facilities of Bujumbura and upcountry namely: The Medical Teaching Hospital of Bujumbura (CHUK), the Military hospital of Kamenge and the provincial referral hospital of Rutana
  3. Civil society: The Burundi’s Association on defense of ill persons’ right (ABDDM)
  4. The national Nurse syndicate (SYNAPA)
  5. Health care providers: Different aspiring and potential Palliative care providers joined us as well as interested individuals in the field of Palliative care (Medical Doctors, Nurses and psychologist)
  6. University of Burundi, Faculty of Medicine: A presenter from the Faculty of Medicine has given a presentation on the management of chronic diseases and the place of Palliative care.
  7. Palliative care expert: Dr Christian NTIZIMIRA from Kibagabaga Hospital of Rwanda, A delegate from APCA joined us and has been of unprecedented importance for the success of our workshop.

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