Young Women’s Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi (YOWLI BURUNDI) is a youth-led Initiative aimed at promoting youth leadership, especially young women,  to involve youth of the country in the fight against numerous challenges that are affecting our communities such as the following:  

  • Gender Based Violence, especially Sexual Violence done towards young girls
  • HIV/AIDS, STIs and unwanted pregnancies
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Building youth leadership and especially Young Women’s leadership
  • Help to sustain the development

The overall goal of YOWLI BURUNDI is to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs and the ICPD Agendas.


YOWLI BURUNDI wants to ensure that youth, children and Adolescents meet their educational and health needs, enjoy their full rights in peaceful mood and harmless environment. YOWLI BURUNDI also wants young leaders especially  young  girls; responsible and capable of conducting innovative actions for the promotion of integral health through the fight against HIV / AIDS and other STIs , promotion of SRH  and the fight against GBV.



-  YOWLI BURUNDI activities are conducted under the light of the Charter of National Unity in Burundi ( no        discrimination in any form whatever) ;

- YOWLI BURUNDI wants to make its beneficiaries human dignity based on good physical and mental health ;

- YOWLI BURUNDI puts great importance to the work done in synergy and network with other actors.




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