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YOWLI BURUNDI is a youth led non-governmental organization legally authorized in Burundi by Ministerial Order Nr. 530/828 of 14 July, 2011. This Association is the initiative of a group of student leaders from the University of Burundi, led by Mr. HABONIMANA Desire (Legal Representative) after participating in the training workshop on leadership (3rd International Youth Leadership Training , Dakar, Senegal from 19 December 2010 to 2 January 2011) co-organized by African Women's Organization: AWOMI(African Women's Millennium Initiative) and Trust Fund  Africa.

The main objective was to create a platform for young Burundians committed to finding solutions to the challenges that plague our society both locally and nationally. These challenges pointed out by our organization are especially HIV / AIDS and other STIs, Sexual violence against young women, issues related to sexual and reproductive health and family planning.



• Reaching young people with information, education and communication necessary for behavior change related to HIV /AIDS, other STIs and reproductive health;

• Contribute to the fight against violence against the young Burundian woman, especially sexual violence;

• Facilitate the pre-and post-test and access to voluntary testing, confidential and anonymous HIV among young people in general and high-risk groups of HIV transmission in particular that young sex workers, young prisoners, young students and marginalized communities;

• Provide psychosocial support and medical treatment including ARVs and related services and the support required;

• Promote women's leadership and encourage male participation in the promotion of young Burundian woman.

The overall goal of YOWLI BURUNDI is to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs and the ICPD Agendas.



YOWLI BURUNDI mission is to promote the overall health of young people in the fight against HIV / AIDS and other STIs; the access to Sexual and Reproductive Health; the fight against sexual violence and crimes committed against the young woman; the promotion of women's leadership. We want to encourage the participation of young people themselves, and especially male involvement in the promotion of young Burundian woman.



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