National Youth Caravan for the 2015 Peaceful Elections in Burundi

National Youth Caravan for the 2015 Peaceful Elections in Burundi

On December 18th, 2014; the associations YOWLI BURUNDI and AJAP Africaine (party I) received a fund from the African Union Commission (party II) for project implementation. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the two parties in presence of the Government of Burundi represented by the Permanent Secretary and the General Director from the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture. Media and other stakeholders involved in peace building project were present, and the ceremonies have been officially broadcasted through the radio and television. The signed MOU is an agreement between the two parties; party I accepted to implement activities convened throughout the project proposal and party II accepted to fund party I with an amount of 75,000 USD (Seventy five thousands United States Dollars) for the project implementation. 

This project is linked to “Peace Building”. While Burundi is entering the 2015 electoral campaigns, there is a persistent political turmoil among politicians and political parties, and young people from different political parties are aggressing and launching clashes against each other. As observed during and following the 2010 elections, young people have been victims of political exploitation, thereafter resulting into continuous political crisis, silent violence and growing anger between young people from different political parties. To prevent the recrudescence of such a clumsy situation among citizens during the approaching 2015 elections in Burundi, party I and party II agreed to organize a National Youth Caravan for the 2015 Peaceful, free, independent and transparent Elections.

  • Overall objective:

To prevent violence, misunderstanding, and aggression among young people during the 2015 electoral period in Burundi (before and during the propaganda campaigns, during and following the elections).

  • Specific objectives:
  • Educate young people on peace, tolerance, and accurate behavior in a context of elections;
  • To mobilize young people for inclusive electoral participation;
  • To popularize the African Youth Charter and advocate for its ratification.


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