Domestic workers are protected by C189 Convention of the ILO

Video available here

Sonia is a young girl aged 13, domestic worker. Mama Fifi is the mistress, boss of Sonia. Peace is a neighbour woman, John lives in the same city. 

Sonia: M'em, I am sorry, I am sorry. Do not chase me out this late, and unpaid. I have no where to go this time. Remember I am from the countryside ...

Mama Fifi: (rudely) My words are final, just leave!

Peace: Mama Fifi, this cannot be! You cannot chase your domestic worker, such a young girl, this late and unpaid! No, no, no!

John: This has to stop! There is an international convention by ILO; C189 Convention, which countries including Burundi signed, that protects domestic workers! YOWLI BURUNDI, under financial support of AWDF are tirelessly working to promote domestic workers' rights! 

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