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Action2015 project - CIVICUS

In 2015, YOWLI BURUNDI led the national SDGs campaign. YOWLI BURUNDI engaged a wide network of organizations and movements: GCAP Burundi, Via volonté, CERDES, PHM Burundi, UNIPROBA, IJPDH, YIPHR, UNESCO, The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Solidarity, Ministry of Interior, UNPFA, UNDP, IGBM, Mayor of Bujumbura, Communal administrative authorities, ASII, UJPD, Synergie des enfants en situation de travail, SEITE IWACU IBA, JVDS, APF, APJ, FIMA, STUDIO IJAMBO, IAIA, AVOCHACLISD, AVEPVA, AJEC, UJED, Association d’Amitié, Action for Peace and Development, African Alliance of Green Communicators, Burundi Child Rights Coalition, AJAP Africaine, RNJ+ Burundi, FUCOS Burundi, Union de Jeunes pour la Paix et le Dévéloppement and Youth Movement for Development. The action/2015 multi-partnership helped to enhance and strengthen the campaign. All the parties were involved in mobilization, awareness and advocacy.

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