Mr Richard KWIZERA
Web Manager

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Richard KWIZERA was born on April 4th, 1984 at Mukoni, Ruhororo Ngozi. In 1991, he entered the primary school at Mukoni primary school which he left because of the civil war the country underwent in October 1993. He continued at Rutana I primary school and finished the primary education at Gihofi Primary school in 1997. He begun the secondary school at Rutana High School in 1998 and was graduated in 2005. In 2005, Mr. Richard KWIZERA entered the University of Burundi in Medicine Faculty where he is undergraduated for his late clinical education at Teaching Hospital of Kamenge.

Mr. Richard KWIZERA made his first step in associat ive activities at secondary school where he participated  in community first inter-ethnical meetings of separated youth because of the civil war through cultural activities such theatre during holidays . Beside leading his classmate and representing others, Mr. Richard KWIZERA was activily participating in cultural group organization.

At the University, he was an active member of ABEM “Association Burundaise des Etudiants en Medecine” and was chosen as the Vice General secretary. He participated also in Burundi VCP as a volunteer in its project to help Students of University to tackle with the lack of knowledge in best use of new technologies of information and computering.

Since 2012, Mr. Richard KWIZERA is partaking in achieving YOWLI Burundi’s goal as Website Manager.