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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Personal profile:

Desire Habonimana was born on April 7th, 1988 at Murama, Mwumba (Ngozi, north of Burundi). He entered the primary school of Murama in 1993 when the country underwent a sudden civil war that lasted for over the ten years. In 1999, he entered the secondary education and was graduated in 2006 from the Junior Seminary of Mureke (Ngozi). In 2007, Mr. Habonimana entered the University of Burundi, Faculty of Medicine where he is still enrolled for the late medical practice training (Internship, 6thForm) from the Medical Teaching Hospital of Kamenge (Roi Khaled Hospital).

Organizational evolution:

Mr. Desire has proved of his leadership ability since his early age, around fifteen, he initiated the ‘Scout Movement’ and made it legally agreed by the Regional Bureau. During his time at the Junior Seminary of Mureke, Desire became active and a key person throughout the school STOP SIDA Club to exchange and discuss around issues related to HIV/AIDS and STIs in the school areas. After his volunteerism in TWITWARARIKANE Foundation, Desire applied his particular interest on the ‘welfare of children, adolescents and youths’ because, among his duties were those related to the health assistance care, education assistance, etc. Upon his enrollment at the University of Burundi, he became an active member of ABEM (Association Burundaise des Etudiants en Medecine – Burundian Medical Students’ Association), In 2008, he became a Member of the Steering Committee of ABEM for up to two years.

In 2010, as he kept his vision looking beyond, Desire was selected among the 13 African Potential Young Leaders to participate in the ‘3rdInternational Youth Leadership Training 2010’ co-organized by Trust Fund Africa and AWOMI (African Millennium Initiative) and held in Dakar, Senegal. Upon return from the training (a two-weeks training on leadership based on women empowerment and Gender equality, SRHR and the Climate Justice), Desire initiated a youth-led initiative called YOWLI BURUNDI(Young Women’s Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi).  

The profile and mandate of YOWLI BURUNDI:

YOWLI BURUNDI (Young Women’s Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi) is a youth-led national NGO initiated under the lead of Mr. Desire HABONIMANA upon his return from the ‘3rdInternational Youth Leadership Training 2010’ held in Dakar.

YOWLI BURUNDI has become the national youth-led NGO partner of UNESCO, UNFPA, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the SEP/CNLS (Permanent Executive Secretariat of the National Council on AIDS), AWOMI and the Francois Xavier Bagnoud International. 

Through all our work, while we engage the role of men to take action, we are highly sensitive to the gender balance and young women are given the particular interest. Our purpose is to ensure that women (the mother of humanity) are given the suitable care. We envision a world where gender equality, health care including maternal and infant health and reproductive health, human rights, reproductive rights, etc. are successfully achieved as reflected through the Cairo consensus, the MDGs and the framework of Governments as well as the UN Systems.

Participation to international events:

After his participation to the Leadership Training of Dakar, Mr. Desire HABONIMANA has been for several times invited to have a seat and a say to number of international youth gathering events including the following:






29 June – 3 July 2013

7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention and the Scientific Symposium “Towards an HIV Cure”

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

26 – 28 February 2013

5th UNAOC Forum and the Youth Event 

Vienna, Austria

4 – 6 December 2012

UNFPA Global Youth Forum

Bali, Indonesia

26 – 28 October 2012

5th African Seminar on Hypertension

Douala, Cameroon

22 – 27 July 2012

XIX International AIDS Conference

Washington DC, USA

19 – 21 July 2012

Towards HIV Cure Symposium

Washington DC, USA

6 – 11 July 2012

3rd People’s Health Assembly

Cape Town, SA

20 – 25 July 2011

6th IAS Conference

Rome, Italy

March 2011

6thWorld Water Forum

Marseille, France