Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Deo BITANGISHAKA is among the first initiator and creator of Young Women's Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi (YOWLI BURUNDI). Since 2011, he was a member of YOWLI BURUNDI as General Secretary. Thus, he participated in various activities in both national and private universities of Burundi for sexual health, family planning and awareness in the fight against HIV / AIDS, violence based on gender education. In July 2013, as a delegate of YOWLI Burundi, Deo BITANGISHAKA participated in a workshop on the validation of the Seventh Framework Programme of UNFPA in BURUNDI at the Hotel Club du Lac Tanganyika in Bujumbura BURUNDI.

Since 1996 up to now, Deo BITANGISHAKA is characterized by a spirit of leadership: he created various Youth Associations and conducting workshop of exchange and training on conditions of social and intellectual life, leading to the self-development.
Deo BITANGISHAKA always seeks to achieve sustainable development through adequate health care and accessible to everyone, education for all, the change of mentality and spirit of the gents that they can Atterer to work and job creation.

Deo BITANGISHAKA is a supporter of peace and stability and always seeks the peaceful resolution of conflicts in order to increase the work and well-being of everyone. Deo BITANGISHAKA likes fraternity especially through the community work and framework that bring people together for the exchange of ideas and experiences for better life.