Vice Mobilizer

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

She is a young lady of 23 years old, highly committed to women promotion. She began her activist activities early from Makamba lycee at Cunamwe College where she played prominent roles as a young woman leader:

  • She is known as dramatist who through her theatres called people of her community to recognize women rights and to gather its efforts to overcome threats targeting women rights such as GBV, HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • She is the first woman to lead the Stop- SIDA Club at Cunamwe College and helped it to reach significant results.
  • Her commitment to promote women health especially Maternal and Infant Health guided her to continue her University education in Midwife Faculty at IUSDC (Institut Universitaire des Sciences de la santé et du Développement Communautaire)

Miss Odette holds an excellent experience from participating in the YOWLI team which conducted awareness campaigns throughout Burundi universities (public and private) on HIV/AIDS-STIs, GBV as these campaigns were interactive and hot debates.Outgoing activist, she benefited from the training on “HIV/AIDS-ISTs, SRH, GBV” organized by the UNFPA and she is more than committed to let all Burundian profit from it. She recognizes that this is a hard fight but always keeps in mind that ‘’"The flower at gunpoint, the victory is won in singing".

Currently she is acting as the Vice-President of Networking and Mobilization Committee within YOWLI BURUNDI executive board.