People's Health Movement East Africa

PHM activists from Burundi, Djibouti, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are gathering in Kampala (Uganda).  Clic the link to discover more about this gathering

Two members of PHM Burundi (Ms. Nadine MISAGO and Mr. Roger CIZA) are representing the Country at this sub-regional gathering. The objective is to strategise and plan for a stronger people's movement for Health for All locally in their countries as well regionally. How to engage with Health for All - The Campaign, planning for advocacy and mobilisation and how to link struggles at regional level are only few of the agenda items.

YOWLI BURUNDI sent two delegates representing HHNB (Health Healing Network Burundi), a national network gathering many activist associations on health. HHNB is the legal representative of PHM Burundi.

For more, please visit this link


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