Palliative Care Workshop March 28th, 2014

Palliative Care Workshop March 28th, 2014


YOWLI BURUNDI under the patronnage of the Ministry of public health and the fight against AIDS with the financial supportof the OSIEA (Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa) in collaboration with APCA (African Palliative Care Association) organized a workshop on PALLIATIVE CARE in Burundi at TULIPE Hotel.

After the several presentations of theinvited Experts including an expert from APCA, a practioner of the CHUK (teaching Hospital of Bujumbura-Burundi), a deleguate from the Public Ministry and the result from the restitution of the teamwork of participants, the Organizing comittee will provide a document on the issue concerning the Palliative Care in Burundi. The last will be presented to The Ministry of Health and Fight against AIDS.

YOWLI BURUNDI thanks the participants, the supporting organization and all parteners for the success they made possible and the future we aspire targeting the Palliative Care

Here are some pictures illustrating the workshop activities.


Dr Christian (APCA) presenting on the regional experince        Dr MAKURAZA presenting on the Palliative care in Burundi


Participants in the teamwork in the workshop



Teamwork results restitution

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